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Teachers College hosts first annual Trayvon Effect Conference

Earlier this semester Teachers College hosted the first annual Trayvon Effect Conference. On the weekend of February 28th-March 1st students, community members and activists gathered in the Cowin Center and various TC classrooms to discuss the effects of both Trayvon Martin’s death and the verdict rendered in court. The conference, spearheaded by Teachers College doctoral …

Posted 6 days ago by allisonbldwn

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Alumni Profile of Maxine McClintock, PhD – Author of Letters of Recommendation (Philosophy and Education, 1986)

By Tim Ignaffo Why did you choose to study philosophy of education? If philosophy starts in wonder then for as long as I can remember I have wondered about the disconnect between getting schooled and achieving an education.  I first experienced this fissure as an elementary school pupil.  I couldn’t understand why school was so …

Posted 7 days ago by ahofc

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Social Studies and Education’s Anand Marri Named Vice President and Head of Economic Education of Federal Reserve Bank of New York

“I didn’t apply for the job,” said Marri of his new position. “ called me back in March and asked me to serve on a search committee. I knew the two heads, and shared a lunch with a former student of mine, Adrian Franco, of the Economics and Education program and he basically told me …

Posted 12 days ago by allisonbldwn

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A&H’s Art Education to Present at Teachers College 2014 Academic Festival

Is it possible to transform communities through both viewing and experiencing art as a part of our everyday life? Could experiential art be the key to teaching people the value of finding relatable experiences that could build and strengthen communities consisting of diverse backgrounds and experiences? Could such public art encompass the ways in which …

Posted 13 days ago by ahofc

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Distinguished Speaker Series: ARAD Reflections

The Distinguished Speaker series was piloted by Dr. Lena in the Arts Administration (ARAD) program to integrate a higher level of practical experience into the research-based curriculum. Begun as a guest speaker series for the Principles and Practices course in Fall of 2013, the first round of visiting administrators included alumnae of the program such …

Posted 13 days ago by alyssalynne

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Student Spotlight: Rongchan Lin Attends Youth Assembly at the United Nations

It seemed that for Rongchan Lin, pursuing social entrepreneurship is a life goal that is as important as completing her doctoral studies in the Applied Linguistics program at Teachers College.  Nominated by the Overseas Singaporean Unit and selected by the National Youth Council of Singapore, Lin became one of two Singapore delegates to participate in …

Posted 20 days ago by jamiek

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EdTPA Conference a Success, Department of Arts & Humanities Well Represented (VIDEO LINK)

By Tim Ignaffo On March 8, nearly 150 people attended a National edTPA Conference at Barnard College, a joint event co-sponsored by TC Departments Arts & Humanities, Curriculum & Teaching, and the Barnard Education Program. The conference was organized by students at Teachers College with the generous support of Department Chairs Marjorie Siegel and Ruth …

Posted 21 days ago by ahofc

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Racial Literacy Roundtable: Radical Listening with Youth

What does it mean to truly listen to students? How can we create spaces where students feel listened to? How can listening lead to culturally responsive pedagogy? These questions and more were discussed by participants in the February 27th Racial Literacy Roundtable at Teachers College. Teacher educator and literacy coach Noah Asher Golden led the …

Posted 26 days ago by smartin

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MA Students in Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program Participate in IP Presentation

On February 17, 2014, students of the Bilingual/Bicultural Education (BBE) program presented their master’s thesis research work at the Integrative Project (IP) conference. IP presentation is an annual event in which BBE students discuss the research work they have conducted for their master’s thesis. “The big goal of the project in addition to meeting the …

Posted 27 days ago by jamiek

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Bilingual Students with Learning Disabilities: Expansive Learning Opportunities in Science

When Dr. Patricia Martínez-Álvarez had told her friend’s Spanish- English bilingual son, Sebastian, who has a learning disability, “Hello” in Spanish, he responded, “How old are you?” She approached her friend to tell her that it might be considered socially inappropriate to ask the age of an adult. Her friend, however, explained that immediately after …

Posted a month ago by bluejay324

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Critical Reading: Teaching Adolescents to Read the Word and the World

This Wednesday, March 12, Professor Deborah Appleman of Carleton College will be conducting an interactive workshop on the importance of critical reading in the high school classroom. Specifically, Appleman will demonstrate how to help adolescents read literature through multiple perspectives. The workshop, which is based off Appleman’s book Critical Encounters in High School English will …

Posted a month ago by ahofc

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Breathing Pictures: Exhibition at Gallery 1401

In Gallery 1401 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Art & Art Education instructor and doctoral candidate Sean Justice is presenting his latest photography exhibition, Breathing Pictures. Located on Broad Street, Philadelphia, his pictures - each one a composite montage of several photographs taken from one vantage point - will be on display …

Posted a month ago by alyssalynne

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Ernest Morrell- English Professor & IUME Director & … AERA Fellow!

Please take a second to read all about Arts & Humanities English Education Professor Ernest Morrell.

Posted a month ago by ahofc

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Alumni Profile with Jessica Hochmann

Jessica Hochman (MA 2000, PhD 2009) is an assistant professor at Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science (SILS) and the LMS (school library) Program Coordinator. She teaches courses on teaching and learning in libraries; whether, how and why to use technology for instruction; literacy practices; and educational foundations. Research interests include the nexus of youth …

Posted a month ago by ahofc

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Social Studies Professor Bill Gaudelli Speaks at UN: Global Citizenship

This past Thursday, February 20, Associate Professor of Social Studies, William Gaudelli participated in a discussion called Global Citizenship and the Future of the United Nations at the UN Headquarters in New York City. The discussion was part of larger event that celebrated the launch of a book titled A Forum for Peace: Diasaku’s Ikeda’s …

Posted a month ago by ahofc

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Student Spotlight: Tristan Thorne – Asian Students Using English Names

Sociolinguistics has been of particular interest to Tristan Thorne, a second-year MA student in Applied Linguistics, and when the opportunity for a hypothetical research project arose in his Research Literacy class, he thought of conducting a survey on Asian students taking English names. Thorne said that the idea came from his personal experience and interest …

Posted a month ago by ahofc

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Natural Selections

The first Art & Art Education exhibition of the semester, Natural Selections was on view from January 27th through February 14th in the Macy Art Gallery. New York painters Nate Sensel and Louise Brooks were invited by TC curator, Ashley Mask, to entwine their work in a way that would evoke the theme of the …

Posted 2 months ago by alyssalynne

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Alumni Interview with Darryl De Marzio (07’), Philosopher of Education (Part II)

Alumni profile of Darryl De Marzio (07’), Philosopher of Education (Part II) By Timothy Ignaffo Darryl De Marzio is a graduate of the Philosophy and Education program (2007), and currently an Associate Professor at the University of Scranton. In addition to his professorial obligations, he was …

Posted 2 months ago by ahofc

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Jonna Perrillo Speaks at the Fourth Educating Harlem Lecture

Jonna Perrillo, Assistant Professor of English Education at University of Texas at El Paso and author of Uncivil Rights: Teachers, Unions, and Race in the Battle for School Equity, was featured on Wednesday, February 5 at the fourth lecture in the Educating Harlem: Histories of Learning and Schooling in an American Community series. In the lecture, …

Posted 2 months ago by jamiek

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