A&H’s Art Education to Present at Teachers College 2014 Academic Festival ☆

Is it possible to transform communities through both viewing and experiencing art as a part of our everyday life? Could experiential art be the key to teaching people the value of finding relatable experiences that could build and strengthen communities consisting of diverse backgrounds and experiences? Could such public art encompass the ways in which the principles first articulated by American Philosopher John Dewey that by researching and finding meaning in, by experimentation of, and by doing and undergoing experience, we can transform and unify our own lives with that of those around us and beyond?

Dr. Jochum- Associate Professor of Art Education *Photograph by Jessica Jagtiani*

Such are the questions that have been posed by, and will be explored by the panel discussion organized by Associate Professor of Art & Art Education, Dr. Richard Jochum, for the sixth annual Academic Festival that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014. As the organizer and co-creator of “Doing and Undergoing,” (http://www.doingandundergoing.net) a multimedia art exhibition that launched between October and December of 2013 in celebration of the 125th anniversary celebration of Teacher’s College, Dr. Jochum organized a diverse panel of artists and researchers inside and outside of Teachers College to reflect on the possibilities of building communities through public art.

The panelists and contributors for Academic Festival 2014 will include Lynda Hallmark, the project manager of “Doing And Undergoing”, TC doctoral student, and moderator for the panel discussion; Robert Gero, co-curator for “Doing and Undergoing” and Assistant Professor from SUNY Old Westbury; Victoria Marsick, Professor of Education and Co-Director of the J.M. Huber Institute at Teachers College; Helidon Gjergji, a contemporary artist, Reina Shibata, Deputy Director of Percent for Art. Each of the five panelists will explore an aspect of public art and its impact on the way communities interact, function, and behave.

Vikki Michalios - Beanstalk Garden - Mixed Media & Biosystems - Zankel Basement *Photograph by Richard Jochum*

Much of the panel discussion will reflect on the themes presented by the “Doing and Undergoing” exhibition as a final wrap-up of its impact on the Teachers College community and the steps Dr. Jochum and his team will take to move this project forward beyond the institutional setting. Based on the core themes of Dewey’s foundational text “Art as Experience”, the exhibition featured 22 site-specific art installations by select artists that still grace the halls of Teachers College. An audio-visual guide tour is provided on the “Doing and Undergoing” website. Many of these installations have become a familiar point of awe for the Teachers College community as they have been ingrained in our daily experience.

Among the various themes touched on by the installations of “Doing and Undergoing” some of the installations engage our experience with society and the environment. Vikki Michallo’s “Beanstalk Garden” blends horticulture and sustainable technology in an installation which merges with the infrastructure of the walls of the basement of the college between Zankel and Macy Halls. Her installation challenges the viewer to reflect on the management and use of natural resource, the environment, and agriculture practices in a modern world through the a collection of terrariums emerging from the walls of the building.

Nicholas Knight - Metaphysical Doctrine - Graphite on wall - Zankel 2nd flr

Nicholas Knight - Metaphysical Doctrine - Graphite on wall - Zankel 2nd flr *Photograph by Richard Jochum*

Other installations draw on challenges to our ordinary ways of seeing the world. “Metaphysical Doctrine” by Nicholas Knight is displayed as two sentence diagrams, which were organized, graphic systems developed in the 19th Century to teach grammar to schoolchildren, on the wall of the 2nd floor of Zankel Hall. The two sentence diagrams analyze the same sentence in different ways portraying the possibility that the same statement can be interpreted in different ways. This work envelops us into the reminder that there are diverse perspectives on even some of the most established of standards in our world.

“Untitled” by Jorge Pardo displays a delicate intersection between art and daily life. Made with objects found in everyday life, “Untitled” creates a simple but intriguing candle lit dinner table scene complete with four different types of chandeliers and candles with candle stand. The viewer feels a need to “sit and eat” at such a cleverly designed work of public art.

As the days of this invaluable work of public art come to a close with the approaching presentations of the Academic Festival, I encourage you to take the opportunity to explore the installations throughout the buildings that make up Teachers College, inquire about how such a fascinating exhibition can transform whole communities beyond this institution at Academic Festival 2014, and reflect on your own purpose and meaning for pursuing a career as an educational professional.

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