EVENT: Pedagogy of Social Imagination in Language Learning/Teaching

This Thursday, November 7, the Bilingual/Bicultural Education program, a part of the Department of Arts and Humanities will be hosting a symposium titled Pedagogy of Social Imagination in Language Learning and Teaching.

The symposium, which will last from 10a.m-12p.m and take place in Grace Dodge 277, focuses on the “multidimensional treatment of language learning and teaching and “aims to address a collective understanding of how to work effectively with elementary school emergent bilinguals,” specifically Chinese/English and Spanish/English speaking students.

Throughout the event, professors will be examining language learning using multiple voices, specifically those of the teacher candidates, classroom teachers, children, and members of the interdisciplinary team of researchers.

Case 1  “Welcome to Teaching: How an Analysis of Dissonance Can Help Teacher Candidates Conceptualize Teaching will be presented by Professors Carmen M. Martinez-Rold an and Maria E. Torres-Guzman.

Case 2: “Now I See How My Students Feel: Expansive Awareness in a Language Learning Professional Development will be presented by Dr. Guadalupe Ruiz-Fajardo, Professor Maria E. Torres Guzman, and Dr. Ya-Ning-Hsu.

Case 3: “Expanding Science: Identity and Agenticity in a Hybrid Science/Language Multimodal Curriculum will be presented by professors Patricia Martinez-Alvarez, Maria Paula Ghiso, and Hansun Waring

Case 4: What Counts as Learning: Tensions, Contradictions, and Expansive Learning Opportunities in an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Partnership will be presented by Professors Olga Hubbard, Maria Paula Ghiso, and Patricia Martinez-Alvarez.

Contributed by Allison Baldwin