Jarritt Sheel’s Doctoral Recital Electrifies

| March 12, 2015

by Julia West

The atmosphere was electric at the December 3, 2014 doctoral degree recital of trumpeter Jarritt Sheel, candidate for the Doctorate of Music Education.  The recital displayed Jarritt’s technical mastery and powerful artistic expression and featured the collective talents of: Willerm Delisfort (piano), Alvin Atkinson, Jr. (drums), Jameelah Taylor (vocals), Lindsey St. Onge (vocals), Daniel Hartig (guitar), Alexander Ball (bass), Uma Karkala (flute and saxophone), Tim Sullivan (saxophone), and Kyohei Sato (trumpet).

The creative group interaction among the assembled artists represented a mastery of musical communication, with each engaged in an exchange as if the instruments were an extension of themselves, responding to each other and transforming ideas in synchrony.

The program included standards such as Duke Ellington’s “A Train” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing,” as well as “Stormy Weather,” “Skylark,” and “The People’s Champ,” an original composition by featured pianist Willerm Delisfort.

In attendance were Jarritt’s family, who flew in from Florida for the occasion. In addressing the audience, Jarritt expressed that the recital was dedicated to Dr. Maxine Greene and Dr. Donald Byrd, and was performed as a celebration of freedom, democracy, social justice, and the power of the human spirit.