TC, Philosophy and Education, Well-represented at MASPES 2015


MASPES 2015by Tim Ignaffo

The 2015 meeting of the Middle Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society (MASPES) took place on February 7, 2015 at the Guttman Community College of the City University of New York (CUNY). The theme of this year’s conference, “Education and Public Spaces,” was inspired by the life and work of Maxine Greene, herself a past president of MASPES. In keeping with this theme, the call for proposals asked participants to explore a broad range of topics and thinking about the possibilities and realities of education in shared public spaces. The keynote, delivered by Dr. John Baldacchino, was entitled “Painting Maxine’s Murals: Freedom and the aesthetic imaginary in a period of transition.”

This year’s conference once again saw an increase in involvement and received a large number and range of proposals, with conference participants coming from universities across the country, including the University of Pennsylvania, Syracuse University, Bowdoin College, City University of New York, Long Island University, Hofstra University, Rhode Island College and Washington College. The proposals represented a wide range of topics, interests and styles.

While the society has expanded, members of the TC community and current students and alumni of the Philosophy and Education program have remained heavily involved. The current President, Ariana Stokas (‘10) is currently an Assistant Professor at CUNY, and also an alumnus of the Philosophy and Education Program. Additionally, alumni Holly Brewster, Ariel Sykes and Mike Schapira participated, as well as current graduate students Brian Veprek, LeAnn Holland, and Carmen James.