Art Cart Star: Eva Deutsch Costabel

“I have always painted.  It is not my hobby, it is my survival, my passion.”  At 86 years of age, artist Eva Deutsch Costabel has just headlined her first gallery show. Her life is every bit as remarkable as her late-in-life art world notoriety:

Born in Zagreb, she survived two Italian concentration camps.  Escaping the Nazis, she went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome. Arriving in New York in 1949, Ms. Costabel studied at the Pratt Institute under Franz Kline. She spent the next 35 years of her professional career designing packaging, teaching design and publishing books (seven to date, with one in the works).

How did recognition for her painting come so late?

“Art Cart:  Saving the Legacy,” Teachers College Professor Joan Jeffri’s class, pairs students with older artists in an effort to preserve and document their work.  As an artist in this groundbreaking program, Ms. Costabel’s paintings found their way to Gallery 307 in Chelsea, which opened a retrospective show of her canvases in January of this year.

Professor Jeffri feels that the American legacy goes beyond ‘famous’ artists, and found that 61% of older artists have no plans to archive their work.  From this thinking, Art Cart was born, and Eva Deutsch Costabel has been introduced to us all.

To see a video of the artist, click here.

To visit Ms. Costabel’s website, click here.

To see her paintings in the Gallery 307 show, click here or contact gallery director Marlena Vaccaro at 646.400.5254.  Retail prices for canvases range from $500-$2,800.