Racial Literacy Roundtables: Seeing & Hearing Multiple Perspectives

Facilitated by Noah Gordon, Brooke Schechner, and Zara Zuckerman (MA students, English Education) with sponsorship from Assistant Professor Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz (English Education), Racial Literacy Roundtables seek to foster open dialogue about race, language differences, and other important issues in urban education. The discussions provide a respectful and supportive community in which participants feel comfortable sharing ideas and challenging each other’s assumptions.

Previous discussions facilitated by Schechner and Zuckerman have focused on “Lesson Planning for Cultural Diversity” and “The Threat of Stereotypes.” Participants explored their notions about diversity to learn about and from peers from diverse backgrounds.

“The Roundtable discussions give us another opportunity to consider how we might teach students who are typically not well served by their education,” says Noah Gordon, program facilitator for the final session on “Seeing and Hearing Multiple Perspectives.” High school students, along with the TC and Columbia communities, are invited to participate.

Racial Literacy Roundtables: Seeing & Hearing Multiple Perspectives
Monday, April 25, 2011 from 6 – 8pm.
Horace Mann 150