Two Recently Published Illustrations: Congratulations to Rebecca Solow, BBE Academic Secretary ☆

Rebecca Solow, Bilingual/Bicultural Education Academic Secretary, has had a great start to the semester: two of her illustrations were featured in leading publications:

Rebecca’s illustration of an enchanted forest scene is featured in the October 2011 issue of Spider, a literary magazine for children from ages six to nine:

Her illustration of Baba Yaga (a witchlike character in Slavic folklore) is featured in Eingana, a French educational publication.  How this came to pass is “a good lesson on tagging blog posts and images!”, as Rebecca explains it.  Looking for artwork, an Eingana editor did a Google Image search for “Baba Yaga”.  Rebecca’s illustration came up (she originally created it as a project for a collective blog, Running with Paintbrushes) and she’s delighted that her work was discovered in this fashion:

Rebecca is currently working towards her MFA in a limited-residency program at Hartford Art School.  Visit her website or blog to see more of her artwork and projects.