Kappa Delta Pi, international honor society in education

| October 5, 2010

On March 8th, 1911, a group of the top educators in America (yes, including John Dewey) gathered at the University of Illinois to form an honors society in education. Nearly 100 years later, Kappa Delta Pi continues to honor the achievements of educators and promote excellence in education. The members of the Kappa Chapter at TC are celebrating the centennial with an all-day conference here at the college. Later this year, we will invite submissions from TC and community members for presentations that fall under our guiding theme: Leadership through Service.

Even without the conference, we have a full slate of activities planned this year. Many are open-invitation, but there are compelling reasons to apply for membership. More than just a line on your résumé, KDP membership comes with a growing list of perks. Here are three.

1. There are deep connections between TC and KDP. Teachers College was founded 112 years ago as an institution interested in all areas of education: children, parents, families, schools, and communities. Kappa Delta Pi was founded as an honors society open to all members of the educational community: female, male, pre-service, in-service, retired, k-12, and post-secondary teachers. Both institutions have remained true to their roots.

2. KDP is a pan-educational society. Good educators–and good professionals–are members of discipline-specific organizations. For me, membership in the National Council for the Social Studies helps me stay informed on important developments in American social studies. But because nothing happens in a vacuum, I use my KDP membership to stay connected with developments throughout education. Active KDP members are currently working in dozens of educational fields in 30 countries.

3. KDP members are among the most accomplished educators. A scan of our Laureate chapter reveals a “who’s who” list of educational experts. Our National Teacher of the Year awards recognize the best of k-12 practitioners. Besides those big names, there are nearly 50,000 other active members who have distinguished themselves. KDP publications encourage discussions among members by covering everything from excellent lesson plan ideas to international, peer-reviewed empirical articles.

As Kappa chapter enters our 91st year at Teachers College, we look forward to an exciting academic year. We are enthusiastic and we believe that this organization has the ability to help bring change to our community. If you would like to help us, consider applying for membership. More information is available on the Kappa Chapter Pressible page.