Spotlight On…Jihae Shin ☆

| April 13, 2010

Jihae Shin is a first year doctoral student in the Music Education Program eagerly taking on all of the opportunities that Teachers College offers.  In addition to a full courseload, she works as an INSTEP coordinator, an online instructor, and a Geffen Fellow. These different employment opportunities help cover her tuition and living expenses.

Jihae previously earned her MA from the Ohio State University, where she studied string music education, and worked in Salem Keizer  public schools in Oregon before moving to New York. For her doctorate, she wanted to focus on music education curriculum, its philosophy, and teacher preparation. She is drawn to TC’s program because of its interesting course offerings in these areas. The opportunity to conduct scholarly research is also a major reason that Jihae chose Teachers College. Currently, she works closely with Dr. Harold Abeles as a Geffen Fellow. At the moment, Jihae is conducting research at a jazz and improvisation workshop run by Professor Bert Konowitz for middle school students, evaluating what effects the workshop has on the students’ academic performance and self-esteem.

One aspect about the Music Ed program that Jihae particularly likes is that her classmates hail from all over the globe. This makes classroom discussions especially interesting because there are so many different perspectives expressed. In particular, she enjoys learning how the same teaching method can be applied differently to different countries’ music education programs, which vary widely.

After graduating, Jihae hopes to teach university students, as well as continue her own research work. She has a particular interest in professional development for in-service teachers and is currently writing a paper on how such development can work and what sorts of workshop topics are most effective in fostering it. For the moment, however, she is enjoying all of the opportunities that come from not only being a Teachers College student, but being a student in New York City and taking advantage of all of the cultural offerings the city provides.