ORL 6501: Qualitative Data Analysis

| September 3, 2010

ORL 6501
Qualitative Data Analysis
7:20 to 9 pm
CRN: 30490
Instructors:  Victoria Marsick and Terrence Maltbia
email: marsick@tc.edu or maltbia@tc.edu

If you (or your students) are undertaking qualitative research, please consider enrolling in ORL 6501. There are prerequisites. The course is designed for students who:
1) have been thinking about their topic,

2) have taken ORL 6500 (or equivalent) that introduces students to qualitative design and data collection, and

3) have pilot data to use for assignments in the course.

The syllabus is not yet posted for the course, which begins meeting on Monday, September 13, from 7:20 to 9 pm. Sessions will introduce students to differences in qualitative data analysis based on different qualitative research traditions; strengthen skills in research design and advanced data collection; and participate in various steps of data analysis, synthesis and interpretation with a view to understanding how various steps of analysis fit together and implications for writing up of the report.

Please email Prof. Marsick (marsick@tc.edu) and/or Prof. Maltbia (maltbia@tc.edu) if you have questions and if you would like to obtain approval to register for this course.