ORLH 4800: Workshop in Higher Education

| September 3, 2010

ORLH 4800
Workshop in Higher Education:
Gender and Professional Development in Colleges and Universities
Mondays, 7:20-9:00
CRN 31954
Professor: Judith Glazer-Raymo
E-mail:  jg2377@columbia.edu

Course Description:

This course provides students with the opportunity to engage in a systematic study of the professional development of women as students, faculty, and administrators in contemporary higher education. Utilizing interpretive and critical frameworks, students will explore the role of gender in the college culture, gender-related policies and issues that influence professional development, and strategies for professional growth.  Among the topical areas to be considered are the nature and impact of the gender gap, public policy in a post-affirmative action era, career trajectories and academic leadership, and the intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, and social class in shaping campus cultures. Readings, case studies, and other forms of interaction will provide opportunities to explore in greater depth the topics under discussion.