Imagination Conversations ☆

Polobulis Dance Theatre Company

Former dancer and author of Imagination First, Scott Noppe-Brandon came to the Creativity, Play, and the Imagination Across Disciplines conference to talk about Imagination Conversations, a project of the Lincoln Center Institute. The project brings together experts from diverse fields to discuss the importance of imagination.

After surrounding himself with artists and educators for most of his life, Noppe-Brandon realized he needed to break out of his insular world and connect with people in science, government and other fields in order to discuss imagination and further his cause for its promotion in education. What he proposed: having a conversation about the role of imagination in education in each state within 2 years. TC conference attendees, special guests, Noppe-Brandon and the Director of the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, Steven Dahblerg further championed the cause for creativity during a dynamic hour and a half discussion on May 27, 2011. Here is a brief re-cap of the ideas expressed during the discussion:

Jonathan Batiste, Jazz musician.
Spoke about the importance of nurturing creativity and “working at it.”

Donald Brinkman, Manager of external programs in digital humanities, digital heritage and games for learning at Microsoft Research.
Also a poet and artist, Brinkman recognizes the importance of bringing love and passion to what you do and sees their presence in the work he does at Microsoft.

Magdalena Gomez, Co-founder and Artistic Director of
Talked about using creativity and imagination to combat bullying. She expressed frustration with standardized testing and claimed that students are enraged in schools because they are being taught in a “dismissive manner.” “Before creativity can come, we must cleanse the schools.”

Michael Lofton, Education Director at Dance Theatre Company, Pilobulos.
“What are we doing in cultural organizations to disseminate the methodology of creativity to people who need it the most?”

Scott Noppe-Brandon, Imagination Conversations
“Creativity equals imagination in active.”

Susan Ryan, Interim Education Director at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.
“Creativity is dangerous; it is about taking risks.”

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