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Arts & Humanities

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The Commentary page gives students of the Arts and Humanities Department a forum where they can publish commentaries on contemporary issues in the field of education. Our expectations for this forum are intentionally broad; we are looking for commentaries that might lead students to explore new or different questions. We would like the students to play a central role in determining the content of this page by commenting, suggesting topics or writing.

Listed below are recent commentary pieces:

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for ‘Superman’ and One Teacher’s Two Cents

Frankenstein: A Cautionary Tale for Parents and Teachers, By Karin Van Orman

The Death and Life of the Great American School System: A Review by Jay Hammond

The Dollars and Sense of Teacher Compensation by Karin Van Orman

Retooling English by Karin Van Orman

What is college really for? More thoughts on society and the liberal arts by Jay Hammond

(re)Considering Theory by Yoshi Nakazawa

Universality and a Liberal Arts Education by Jay Hammond

Social Justice and the Arizona Ethnic Studies Ban by Jay Hammond