Graduate Spotlight: Daniel Mann, Applied Linguistics ☆

Daniel Mann graduated this May with his Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. Looking back at his time at TC, one of the biggest take-aways for him is the ability to relate to a variety of people on different levels. As a part-time administrative assistant in the TESOL/AL office, Mann has had the unique opportunity to work on the administrative side of the program. Being a student and working closely with faculty and administration, Mann had been able to catch a glimpse of what it takes to make a program run.

Mann believes that his coursework here will ground his future study of theoretical linguistics, providing the relevance to why that field exists. “I’m interested in theoretical linguistics, but I wanted the opportunity to see if I really like linguistics classes. So this has been a springboard to theoretical linguistics, which is what I really want to get into.”

Mann appreciates the diversity of classes he has had the opportunity to take here at TC. “A lot of time people get so involved in their field and don’t see much outside of that. That’s one thing I think the program here has allowed me to do. It’s allowed me to see very different perspectives on things and given me a very broad view of what linguistics is.”

In August, Mann will be starting a PhD program in theoretical linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center. His hope is to do research and ultimately understand what  it means to learn a language. He’s interested in “What makes humans special? We’re the only creatures that have the capacity for language. Why is that? How do we acquire language? What is the mechanism for doing that? For me, that’s interesting and can tell us a lot about the mind and what it means, simply, to be human.”

Having been awarded full funding for the program, Mann is most excited about the opportunity to fully immerse himself in his studies.