Graduate Spotlight: Guillermo Marini, Philosophy and Education ☆

Guillermo Marini, a PhD graduate in the Philosophy and Education program, has been busy teaching Multidisciplinary Analysis of Education and Philosophy and Education in Chile at the School of Education of the Universidad Catolica de Chile, where he plans to continue working post-graduation. His five years as a student at TC have become one of THE experiences of his life. “My married life started here, and my first two children were born here. My daughter still thinks of Bancroft’s and Grade Dodge’s hallways as ‘her’ playgrounds.”

At TC, Marini feels he was able to deepen the connection between academic and social education. “I had the privilege of participating in the Philosophy Outreach Program that brings philosophy to NYC high schools, and in the Student Press Initiative that allowed me to spend every Thursday morning during the past two years at Rikers Island reading and writing with incarcerated students.”

Marini also worked in many TC offices and met a wide variety of people. From the maintenance crew, to the staff at residential services, public safety, and the Arts & Humanities department, he leaves TC “with an empowered commitment to go on learning from every person I come across. That will keep me happy and educated.”

Marini describes these past five years in academia as a way of living in the world. “This is why my professors and classmates have become, if not friends, certainly companions in the challenges of education as we navigate into an increasingly uncertain XXI century. The advice, discussions, and conversations (and parties!) we shared within the Philosophy and Education program are forever with me as I step into my first classes.”

Upon a successful defense of his dissertation here, Marini hopes to obtain a position as Assistant Professor at the School of Education of the Universidad Catolica de Chile. Additionally, the Chilean Ministry of Culture has asked his university to develop a research proposal to investigate the impact of high school art education in the lives of graduates, a topic that he finds fascinating. While these job prospects will be taking Marini back to Chile, he will keep his experiences and memories of TC close. “On many levels, TC is already part of what I call home.”

Beyond these exciting professional opportunities, Marini looks forward to some post-graduation family time… and sleep. “Seriously, the PhD has been a family enterprise so we all need some vacations now!”