Bringing new direction to the humanities: Suzanne Choo wins International Award for Excellence ☆

“The beautiful is the symbol of the morally good.”

Upon first reading this statement by Immanuel Kant, Suzanne Choo, PhD candidate in English Education, was haunted by the desire to discover Kant’s meaning. Finding his words paradoxical in light of violent acts that have been committed by those with close engagements with art and literature, Ms. Choo was drawn to investigate the deeper implications of this aspect of Kant’s philosophy. Her findings would become the foundation for the key arguments in her paper, Cultivating Moral Sensibilities through Aesthetic Education: The Power of Everyday Cosmopolitanism.

Ms. Choo’s paper, published in The International Journal of the Humanities last year, has been selected by the editors and an international advisory board as the winner of the International Award for Excellence in the area of new directions in the humanities. As winner of this prestigious award, Suzanne has been invited to present a plenary session at the Ninth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities this summer in Granada, Spain. Suzanne is delighted to accept the award and is looking forward to sharing her research at the upcoming conference.

Ms. Choo is passionate about this topic and credits the classes she has attended with Prof. Ruth Vinz and Prof. David Hansen for inspiration to write this paper. She is grateful for the ways in which they have pushed her to think and develop her ideas further, and looks forward to meeting like-minded scholars who share her passion at the upcoming conference. Congratulations Suzanne!

The abstract for Suzanne Choo’s paper can be found here:

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