Academic Resource Guide

Teachers College online resources can be a difficult to find because of the vast amount of material that is available. If you’ve ever tried looking for a specific topic within the TC online world, you know that it can be a confusing place. But there’s no need to despair- A&H’s Academic Resource guide can help!

With information broken down into intuitive categories, the guide is easy to follow and understand. Resources are places into three large categories depending on who the resource is geared towards, the type of resource, and its location. Within each of these larger categories are finer sub-categories that help guide you towards the correct information.

For example, the resources geared towards “Professors and Faculty” are broken down into the sub-categories of “Course Setup and Management” and “Administrative and Professional Support.” From there, professors and faculty can find where to go to fill out the necessary paperwork, find technological support, learn how to order course texts, set up ClassWeb, Blackboard, E-Reserves, and more. Through the intuitive organization of the resource guide, those using it should be able to easily and quickly find all the resources they are looking for.

Its important to note that this guide is not just for faculty, teaching assistants, and staff. Although there are resources that are geared specifically for them, the other resources available are there to help students better understand the technological and academic breakdown of Teachers College. Since you have to know what sorts of resources are available to actually use them, the Academic Resource Guide is a great place to start. Check out the TC RouteFinder which will help you find the fastest way between any two places in TC, or the non-TC web resources that were awesome enough to be included on the guide.

Since the guide is just now beginning, let us know if there is anything you love or hate or want to see added to it. Feel free to email Michael Schapira <> or Lydia Kim <> with any questions or comments.