Applications for Preceptorships in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dear Ph.D students,

The Center for the Core Curriculum is now accepting applications for teaching in Core beginning in Fall 2011. See the applications for a Contemporary Civilization Preceptorship and a Literature Humanities Preceptorship.
The deadline for submission of applications to the Center for the Core Curriculum (202 Hamilton Hall) is Friday, November 5th, 2010.

Qualified Ph.D. students who will have the M.Phil. in hand by May 2011 and who is no further than the fifth year of GSAS registration this year (10-11) are eligible to apply.

Nominees will be contacted the first week of January to schedule interviews (which will begin the week of January 10th). Students who are abroad during spring semester may have their interviews scheduled in December.
Ph.D. students who are in Communications, Social Work, Engineering, Business, Nursing, Public Health, and Teachers College who teach in Core

…receive a $12,000 academic year stipend from Arts and Sciences (total for fall and spring, so $6,000 per semester)

…may teach up to two years in Core as a Ph.D. student when Core teaching begins no later than year 6 (so teach in your 6th and 7th years)

…are eligible to apply, after one year of teaching in Core, for a Core lectureship once you have completed your Ph.D. and deposited your dissertation (no later than June 30). Core lectureship positions pay about $60,000 for the academic year, include benefits/health insurance, and require teaching two sections of Core per semester.

We encourage students early in their program to consider how Core teaching will provide you with funding for two years beginning in your 4th, 5th, or 6th year…as well as how Core teaching will expand your teaching portfolio to help you on the academic job market.

For more information, and a detailed timetable, please download the appropriate attached form below.

Application for Contemporary Civilization Preceptorship

Application for Literature Humanities Preceptorship