CLASS: Education for Global Security: Poverty, Violence and Culture

Education for Global Security:  Poverty, Violence and Culture
ITSF 4611 – Spring 2011
CRN 51927
Thursdays, 7:20-9:00pm
Instructor:  Louis Cristillo  <>

The goal of the course is to examine and question some of our basic understandings about security and violence, paying particular attention to issues of global security that have emerged in the world over the past few decades and to consider the implications of these developments for educating people for a more “secure” world.  In order to pursue this avenue, the course is designed to explore the concept of human security from multiple perspectives and to relate varied conceptions of security to recent conflicts and/or crises such as the youth riots in the France, the abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, poverty and infant mortality, and the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  The course will draw on academic writing on the subject, as well as select media coverage of security issues and the links to education.  Finally, students will be engaged in ongoing projects which will analyze and critique some existing initiatives for “teaching for global security” and will be asked to put forward their own ideas and/or “models” for such efforts.

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