CLASS: Tech Trends In Art Education

A&HA 4089: Tech Trends In Art Education

Section 001: Teaching and Learning with the Web (CRN 51286, Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM)

investigates the web as an environment for teaching and learning. The question we’ll ask is: how can we engage the web to enhance our effectiveness and enjoyment of the teaching process? First is to see the web as an ecology of interlinked communities—such as wikis, blogs, social networks, and a vast array of other private/public partnerships. Then we can explore the complexity with an understanding of the simplicity at its foundation. Along the way we’ll dig into the structure itself in order to create teaching interventions to be used in our own work. Software: the course introduces web coding with Dreamweaver, and presents Photoshop, Illustrator and iMovie as they relate to website construction.

Sean Justice is an artist who teaches digital art and photography at various colleges and universities in the New York region. He is an EdDCT candidate in the Art & Art Education department. For more about his work, please see

Section 002: Digital Storytelling (CRN 52088, Wednesday, 7:20-9:00 PM)

examines the interactivity and narrative of digital media through the creation of audio and video projects. By analyzing literature, films, video games and interactive artworks, we will look at the various forms of storytelling in relationship to memory and time. Issues that will be discussed include subjectivity, sequence and transition, rhythm and repetition, interactivity and the role of the observer. Students will acquire production skills and understand the theories and specificities of digital media so that one can develop a critical perspective for creating works with digital technologies. This class will prepare students for incorporating different types of interactive media for artistic and teaching practices by way of introducing Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand, WordPress and other computer software.

Instructor: Hua-Chu Yen, Ed.D. Please contact the instructor at, if you have any question about this class.