Ecogradients is a small, online publication venture dedicated to facilitating a collaborative exploration of disciplinary boundaries, patterns of cultural (re)production, and interrelational architectures, crossing subject matters, methods of inquiry, styles of (re)presentation, and spatio-temporal scales. By collapsing and compounding traditional objects, techniques and media, we intend to allow new discursive possibilities to emerge and manifest in novel forms of thought and action.

our inaugural issue haunts the seasonal theme of ‘ghostlines’ and features submissions from Amos Fisher, Christopher Porzio, Yossi Zur, Rafferty Funksmith, Katie Gorman, Berkley Brady, Renaissance Kids, Andrew McKee, Kelie Montalvo, and Digworthy.

Our next issue will play on the theme of musicalities:
Musicalities can manifest in the forms of multiple discourses: from the languages applied to music itself -rhythms and vibes, timbre and flow- to the metaphorical extensions that lend themselves out to cover other forms and practices, permeating other modes of thought.  What does it mean for two philosophies to be dissonant? How can history be understood in terms of syncopation and anticipation? How might we describe our interactions and behaviors in terms of their cadences and social cues?

What role(s) might musicality play in practices of logical argument, ordinary communication, education, politics, faith, spirituality, or artistic practice? How are notions like vibration, melody, reverb, frequency, and aurality transposed in and through artistic and semiotic practices? In what ways do we recast and modulate the lingering melodies of the past(s) in order to (re)create the present?
We welcome submissions from any and all interested parties, in any and all media: video, text, intertext, photography, poetry, sound, music, echoes, drawings, acrobatics, etc. Please contact the ecogradients editors at with questions, comments, and/or submissions by December 1st, 2010.