Get Involved with New York City community youth: Join Generation Citizen!

Generation Citizen is a new non-profit, working with New York City high school students to teach civics and grassroots advocacy.  As a college graduate student, you will have the opportunity to actually teach in the classroom during the day, helping area youth to take action on issues they care about!

The program centers on promoting civic engagement in lower-income youth populations through an action oriented approach. College students work with teachers (twice a week, during the school day) to implement a semester long course in high school classrooms.  The high school students select an issue to take action on, and learn about the political process through actually participating in the political process.

Spring 2011 is just our second semester in New York, so you have the opportunity to help lay an indelible mark in the program!  In our three years of operations in Boston and Providence, we’ve had students focusing on gang violence because their friends had fallen victim to guns, working on teen jobs because they couldn’t find employment, and learning about immigration because one of their parents had been deported.  They then took action by meeting with legislators, writing opinion articles, and filming documentaries. This year alone, Generation Citizen is working directly with more than 2,000 urban students.

It’s a small commitment, but you can get a lot out of the program!   Whether you are interested in policy or education, this program is a way to help give a voice to underserved communities and increase political participation.

Interested students should complete the online application.

If you have specific questions, please contact Alexander Pope: