New Department Website Launched!

| October 8, 2010

Last year the Department office was charged with creating ways to bridge the fragmentation of academic support and technology resources at TC. We’ve been hard at work these past few months and are looking forward to further collaboration and progress in these areas. We have hired a number of talented technology-oriented students from across the Department to help with this work, which also provides a bit of much-needed funding to our strapped students.

Our first project has been to re-design our department website. This re-design has been based on clarity of movement through the information presented and simplicity of maintenance. As you can see, we have incorporated RSS feeds from sources which are easier to update than the CMS website system. This has two benefits: It makes updating information easier and more attractive; and information only needs to be posted in a single location and then populates throughout our websites as we wish. Chris Moffett, a doctoral student in Philosophy, created and implemented this design and is now working on a new template for program sites and- soon!- a new faculty page design.

The A&H Department Gazette has been a very useful way of representing the many activities and projects of our faculty and students. By moving into a blog format we are able to update our public image more frequently as articles are ready for publication. The print edition, therefore, becomes a ‘Best of’ collection and has articles specifically targeted to our print audiences: the President and Provost’s offices, alumni relations and external affairs, etc.

Over the next few weeks you will see posts here on our blog about our efforts to improve academic support, on Google Apps and the move to Moodle, profiles of faculty colleagues and events around the college and academia. Please feel free to email Lydia Kim <> if you have events, opportunities or other items you would like posted to the department website and blog.