New Faculty: Dr. Richard Jochum

We’re excited to welcome Dr. Richard Jochum to the Art Education Program as the new Associate Professor of Art Education! Dr. Jochum, who earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Vienna in Austria and his MFA in Sculpture and Media Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, brings with him an exciting and active new media art practice. He has shown internationally in over 100 solo and group exhibitions and works in a variety of media, including video, photography and installation.

Dr. Jochum’s art practice began during his years as a PhD student in philosophy. “I started first to study philosophy, and that was actually the beginning for me… While I was making my dissertation, I had already started creating artwork and holding exhibitions- that came hand in hand. While I was writing my doctorate thesis, in order to relax from that, I created artwork. And in order to relax from [creating artwork] I continued to work on my thesis.” Having felt that art was “something fundamental” to himself, Dr. Jochum returned to school for his MFA. He says, “I wanted to find other types of media in order to express myself and to expand my vocabulary, so I studied sculpture and media art… That was the beginning of my international career as an artist. I did some projects that were highly recognized. They were in a way, special, [they] brought together both sides- the artistic practice and research- and [my practice] took off more and more.”

When asked about what drives him to create, Dr. Jochum explains simply, “I try to constantly find new images for the time we’re living in- I think the time is changing and so are our images. That’s one of the impulses. I’m a person who likes to make connections- it’s a part of my background… Often the works that come up, they are in order to create a dialogue of some sort, to create an encounter. So I invite people to participate in one way or another… A lot of my artwork you could describe as a form of social art practice. It’s the creation of spaces, encounter.”

In addition to his art practice, Dr. Jochum says, “when I came to TC as a visiting scholar, I understood how much I enjoyed teaching and I think ‘this is also a passion of mine.’ I think maybe [I could] develop a career in that too, so I started teaching in different colleges in Europe, at American University in Cairo and at University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn, Austria.

When Dr. Jochum was a Visiting Scholar and Adjunct Assistant Professor here at Teachers College, he worked on “developing curricula and teaching courses in social media technology, intermedia, visual culture and new media art.” Now returning to TC as full-time faculty, Dr. Jochum says, “I hope for a good transition into working for a college full time. In the past I’ve been involved part-time, but now as I have taken on this full-time position, it makes it easier for me to advise people, to give that more room… a lot of this is new… I’m looking forward to getting to know colleagues and the college better- I’m really looking forward to that. That’s very exciting.”