TECH FELLOWs appointments for SPRING

Dear Student:

Academic Computing Services is hiring for the position of TECH FELLOW. This position requires the tech fellow to work one on one with faculty to introduce TC APPS and help them with the new Moodle/Google teaching and learning platform. The Tech fellow will help faculty put course content online as well as give workshops to students to demonstrate how the platforms can be used effectively. This would be someone whose technology skills are strong, but more importantly, someone who is an excellent communicator and quick learner and who is highly motivated to work with state of the art systems.

Our goal is to develop a cohort of students with expertise in technology in their particular area of expertise. We hope that by working with faculty, these tech fellows can identify and communicate effective pedagogy using new technologies. There will be a stipend and some tuition reimbursement associated with this “tech fellow” position.

If you are interested in the position please send cover letter and CV to