What is Pressible?

| September 27, 2010

Pressible is a blog platform developed specifically for the Teachers College community. Here is an overview of Pressible’s capabilities, straight from the developers Eric Buth and Patrick Carey.

Click Here for Pressible Video

So to recap, Pressible gives you an independent site within a network of sites. This is an extremely important aspect of Pressible, because it is not simply a place where you blog and move on, but it is an online community, designed specifically to bring together the community of Teachers College.

Pressible can be used in many different ways, and it is already reaching many different people within the TC community. One of the ways that Pressible can be used is as a communal blog, much like this one. This Arts & Humanities blog allows many different members of A&H to write and have their thoughts come together on a single site.

Another, of course, is as a personal blog to document your time at Teachers College and connect to others. One of the larger goals for Pressible is that it will be used as a casual gathering ground for pH.D students who are in the process of developing their dissertations, which is why there is such an emphasis on the tagging system.

Really imagine the possibilities that this offers when students are regularly using this platform as a “notebook for their dissertation research.” Through the tagging system, students will be able to find others that are experiencing the same struggle of writing a dissertation, and students with completely different focuses will be able to see, and respond, to the connections between their research and the research of others.

Beyond that, student groups can have their own website, art and music students can display their talent (Pressible allows you to easily upload videos, photos, and audio), classes can hold discussions and trade tips outside class time, writers can share their writing, and there is even a Music Ed bartering system that was recently launched via Pressible (you know the banjo and want to learn the piccolo? Barter away!).

So there you have it. Use Pressible, and use it often because we are setting the groundwork for what could become an online community with an incredible wealth of knowledge.

Go blog away!