Arts Administration Internship Program: Building on a Dynamic Reputation ☆

Kate Place, ARAD Internship Coordinator.

The Arts Administration (ARAD) internship program has developed an outstanding reputation for providing talented interns to New York City cultural institutions. In turn, organizations offer ARAD students internship experiences that are both educational and beneficial for their future careers. Kate Place, ARAD Internship Coordinator says, “Our track record is unbelievable. I am surprised every day by the institutions that send me requests directly . . . Theater Communications Group, The Whitney…It feels great to be part of that group.” She attributes this recognition to the caliber of the program’s students and alumni, who graduate the program with well-rounded skills that the arts industry greatly needs. As coordinator, Place helps ARAD students get the internship they most desire.

ARAD students acquire their internships in a number of ways. Some come into the program knowing what they want; others have a general idea of the type of experience they want to gain. Then, Place says, “It’s about connecting the dots and making introductions.”

Suzi Bigliani, a second year student, knew exactly what she was looking for when she started her internship search. This summer, she interned at her number one choice, the Museum of Modern Art. She says that her experience there helped things gel for her in terms of her future career path. “I think the experiences and the contacts I now have will be an invaluable resource once I graduate,” she says.

Sometimes students are matched with organizations that share their interests. “I had expressed an interest in cultural diplomacy and when NYSCA (New York State Council on the Arts) approached the internship coordinator regarding an position that was available, she [asked me] if I would be interested in this opportunity. I interviewed for the position, was offered the internship, and accepted it,” says Eugenia Han, a second year student. Her experience helped her explore her interests further. “It was fascinating to see firsthand how a government funding agency operates,” she says.

Place explains that the bene!ts of the internship program are two-fold, offering students an opportunity to level up their experience plus make important contacts in the field of arts administration. Rashmi Trivedi, a first year student in the program recently secured a 10-hour a week position at Christie’s. “I wanted an internship that would be hands-on and that would involve projects that would really help me get to know the industry,” she says.

Both the process of getting an internship and the internship experience itself will be helpful in students’ future job searches, and Place works hard to build the program’s network in order to foster future partnerships. “As we go out into the world, more comes back to the program and our reputation grows,” she says, “not only for internships but also for future employment as well.”

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