Learn software and digital tools at Lynda.com for free

| October 15, 2010

A friend of mine and fellow TC student recently told me about what he thought was TC’s best kept secret. He said that he was learning to program Java and paying absolutely nothing by using Lynda.com.

If you haven’t heard of Lynda.com and you ever feel like you need to improve your computer software skills you should have a look. Lynda.com produces a very large collection of instructional videos for computer software. Need to learn Dreamweaver CS5? No problem. Switching from Office 2003 to Office 2010 and need to know what the differences between the two versions are? There are videos for that, too. Let’s say you just need to know how to record macros in Excel or you want to learn to use the ‘curves’ tool in Photoshop. That’s simple because the videos are segmented by topic. It’s very easy to learn or brush up on specific features of a program.

The great part is that Columbia has a subscription and it’s free for students. Click here to access Lynda.com and log in using your UNI.