C&T 5074.1: Curriculum and Teaching Policy

| August 19, 2010

C&T 5074.001
Curriculum and Teaching Policy
Mondays, 7:20-9:00pm
CRN 32099
3.00 credits

Instructor: Daniel Friedrich, PhD
E-mail address: friedrich@tc.edu

Course Description:

All schools, public and private, operate within a complex context of national, state, and local curriculum and teaching policies. These policies influence teaching and learning – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.  In this course students explore the answers to questions such as the following:
· What are the significant curriculum and teaching policy trends in the country today?
· On what theories or assumptions concerning the nature of teaching, learning, and curriculum are these policies based?  Are the theories or assumptions valid, in your view?
· To what extent do these policies and policy paradigms encourage and support effective practice in teaching and learning?  To what extent do they discourage or hinder effective practice?
· To what extent does policy shape practice?  To what extent does practice shape policy?
· Where do these policies come from?  Who decides what they should be?  Who influences the decision-makers?  What combination of politics, social conditions, educational philosophies, and research is instrumental in generating these policies?
· To what extent is curriculum policy-making a rational process? A pedagogical process?  A political process?
· What kinds of curriculum policy are most likely to support effective practice at school, school district, state, and federal levels?

Through reading, writing, interviews, small-group projects, and class lecture and discussion, students will seek answers to these questions, evaluate actual policies and policy proposals, and develop policy proposals of their own.