C&T 5502.1: Qualitative Research Methods

C&T 5502.001
Qualitative Research Methods: Classrooms & Teaching
Wednesdays, 5:10-6:50pm
CRN 31315
3.00 credits
Instructor: Alicia Broderick, PhD
E-mail address: broderick@tc.edu

Course Description:

This course is intended to be an introduction to qualitative research, with a major focus on studies carried out in schools, classroom settings, and other community sites that impact schools and education. In general, students who take this course are doctoral students, and the prerequisite is a course on research methods and design, which provided an overview of quantitative and qualitative methods. The termqualitative has multiple meanings, and there are many who say it has outlived its usefulness. For our purposes, it is an umbrella term for various related research methods that depart from quantitative (positivistic, statistical, experimental, probabilistic) approaches. A broad goal of the course is for us to appreciate the distinctions in “world view” of researchers when they choose between qualitative and quantitative methods. A parallel goal is to combine the theoretical with the concrete, by critically considering a range of qualitative studies as you plan and carry out your own field-based mini-study.