Ecogradients: Territorealities. Call for Papers

| February 9, 2011

Open Call:

For Ecogradient’s third foray into interdisciplinary provinces we are taking-up the theme of Territoriality. This issue we will consider the ways that human identities and (in)securities can be mapped onto spatial experiences. How do the horizons of our personal and collective identities engage and rely upon the borders of intellectual territoreality?

The establishment of borders is a complex and imperfect process in which debate and negotiation mediate brutal confrontations among self-interested forces. As ideologies of territoreality gain traction in the time and space of our lived experiences, how are their borders manifested in shared ecological spaces? Do geometric laws apply to the spaces of ideas? On what level(s) should the interdisciplinarian observe these constraints?

How does preservation engage segregation? If we need to engage the interactions between conservation, naturalization, and power, how is all of this filtered through the limits of corporeality? As a ‘self-interested’ journalog, to what extent do we reproduce the limitations we seek to subvert in interdisciplinary work?

We welcome submissions from any and all interested parties, in any and all media: video, text, intertext, photography, poetry, sound, music, echoes, drawings, acrobatics, etc. Please contact the ecogradients editors at with questions, comments, and/or submissions by Feb. 21st (Presidents Day!), 2011

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