In the Woods on Wednesday, February 16th 5-7pm, Milbank Chapel.

..In the Woods Director Jennifer Elster is coming to Teachers College to present a sneak peak at Part One of …In the Woods on Wednesday, February 16th 5-7pm, Milbank Chapel.

…In the Woods is a mysterious, existential feature film journey: a walk into the unknown. It offers a highly creative way to tell a story and interact with the cinematic experience. Set in the woods and with original vocalizations by Yoko Ono, the film hosts a star-studded cast of award-nominated actors; Grammy-winning musicians and activists; and intellectuals and leaders from many different walks in life. It delves deep into the unexpected with Terrence Howard, Dave Matthews, Rufus Wainwright, Will Shortz, Liya Kebede, ‘Questlove’, Famke Janssen, Moby, Debra Winger, Jorgen Leth, Rosie Perez, Alan Cumming, and Will Oldham, among others.

It may be perceived as a haunting experience. As seen in the trailers, no one in the film quite knows where the plot is heading, or what s/he is supposed to do, as s/he journeys through the forest. Yoko One reveals Clue Number One, saying “I did something I’ve never done before.” The story unfolds over time, and messages become clear to the informed viewer. Expect obstacles, plot twists, interactivity, and more pieces and clues to advance meaning.

Writes Jennifer Elster, Director, “The film itself always takes the non-formulaic route. The unusual structure is a collection of disparate moments woven together to create uncannily unified and emotionally charged narratives while various plots unfold…. I wanted to blend elements of sophisticated user interactivity with film storytelling and bring an unruliness to the dispersal of content, each piece, encoded with a clue, bringing the audience deeper into the world of In the Woods.” (“An Opening of Consciousness,” The Huffington Post)

Jennifer Elster has spent the last few years making In the Woods. Her movies include: Ill Will, Dirty, and Particles of Truth. She also has styled and conceptualized photo and videos shoots for such artists as David Bowie, NIN, Thurston Moore, Chloe Sevigny, Isabella Rosselini, and Kate Winslet. Ms. Elster is a graduate of New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and writing.

This engaging film is being shown to students in the A&HA 4079 course, Exploring Cultural Diversity: Implications for Art Education, taught this Spring by Prof. Kristine Roome. All are welcome to join and “push thought and feeling as far as we can collectively go to get to a higher consciousness. The delivery will be as unconventional as the experience itself.”

Be sure to visit, the headquarters for conversation about the film.

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