Music Student Julia Weldon In the Spotlight ☆

Julia Weldon is a Teachers College student by day, and a rock star by night. The singer/songwriter has just released her sophomore album, Light Is a Ghost.

The album presents a rich combination of styles and themes that showcase Weldon’s talents as a musician and a wordsmith. She’s been called “indie-folk-pop” and compared to Bon Iver and Elliott Smith.

Weldon will graduate in May with an M.A. in Music and Music Education. She was initially apprehensive about starting at Teachers College. A self-taught musician, she said was “super intimidated” by her classically trained classmates. However, she found TC’s critical approach to music education fit her personal style. “It’s all about unlearning what you’ve learned,” she said.

Her own philosophy of music education encourages learners to “approach music from a fresh perspective, letting go of rigid structures,” she said.

Her approach involves “letting students—children especially—explore music without notation and without structure so they can find their musical path”

In her spare time, Weldon teaches private lessons. “I teach kids and beginner adults to live out a musical dream,” she said. She currently teaches guitar to four TC students.

Weldon said that she encourages her music students to believe in their natural abilities. “It’s great to bring out the potential that people don’t think they have,” she said. “As adults we become more inhibited in our ability to experiment. People say, ‘I can’t sing!’ and I say, ‘Do you sing in the shower? Then you can sing!’”

Weldon’s own musical path began when she started playing piano in elementary school. She liked to play by ear and improvise. “I cried every time I had to sight read,” she said.

She played the trumpet in middle school, and started playing the guitar at age 13. At age 15, she began composing her own songs. “I always felt like I had the songs in my head—once I knew how to play two chords, they came pouring out.”

To see Julia’s latest music videos, click on the links below:

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