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Reigniting Memories & Forging New Moments: A Former TC Student Uses Music to Build Bonds 

What do you think of when you hear a familiar song? Does a vivid memory play before your eyes? How do you react to the lyrics? Do you start singing and hope those around you will join in? The ability of a song to forge connections and evoke recollections is potent no matter your age …

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Doctoral Student Profile : Brian Bulfer 

As a current Doctoral student in the Arts & Art Education program, Brian Bulfer constantly strives to accommodate the plethora of artistic paths and opportunities that have presented themselves since his enrollment at Teachers College. Last Fall, his silkscreen submission to the Myers Art Prize Competition on the theme of equilibrium titled “Sacred Exchange” was …

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A&H’s Art Education to Present at Teachers College 2014 Academic Festival  ☆

Is it possible to transform communities through both viewing and experiencing art as a part of our everyday life? Could experiential art be the key to teaching people the value of finding relatable experiences that could build and strengthen communities consisting of diverse backgrounds and experiences? Could such public art encompass the ways in which …

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Student Spotlight: Rongchan Lin Attends Youth Assembly at the United Nations  ☆

It seemed that for Rongchan Lin, pursuing social entrepreneurship is a life goal that is as important as completing her doctoral studies in the Applied Linguistics program at Teachers College.  Nominated by the Overseas Singaporean Unit and selected by the National Youth Council of Singapore, Lin became one of two Singapore delegates to participate in …

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Racial Literacy Roundtable: Radical Listening with Youth  ☆

What does it mean to truly listen to students? How can we create spaces where students feel listened to? How can listening lead to culturally responsive pedagogy? These questions and more were discussed by participants in the February 27th Racial Literacy Roundtable at Teachers College. Teacher educator and literacy coach Noah Asher Golden led the …

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MA Students in Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program Participate in IP Presentation  ☆

On February 17, 2014, students of the Bilingual/Bicultural Education (BBE) program presented their master’s thesis research work at the Integrative Project (IP) conference. IP presentation is an annual event in which BBE students discuss the research work they have conducted for their master’s thesis. “The big goal of the project in addition to meeting the …

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Bilingual Students with Learning Disabilities: Expansive Learning Opportunities in Science 

When Dr. Patricia Martínez-Álvarez had told her friend’s Spanish- English bilingual son, Sebastian, who has a learning disability, “Hello” in Spanish, he responded, “How old are you?” She approached her friend to tell her that it might be considered socially inappropriate to ask the age of an adult. Her friend, however, explained that immediately after …

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Teachers College Doctoral Student, Barry Goldenberg, inspires students with Youth Historians Program  ☆

If someone had asked Barry Goldenberg five years   ago if he would be in New York City pursuing a       PH.D in History of Education at Teachers College, he would have told him or her no way. “After undergrad, I didn’t know where I’d be,” said Goldenberg. “I never thought I’d continue …

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New Faculty: Randi Dickson 

New faculty member Randi Dickson had two questions when she began her dissertation “Confirming Testimonies: Conversations with Three Women Educators” back in 1999 at Teachers College. Those questions were, “In what ways does the teaching inform the living and in what ways does the living inform the teaching?” With the help of three mentors and …

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