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Visual Narratives in the Classroom: When did comics get such a bad rap?  ☆

“When you learn to read, it is usually with picture books. After that, anything with pictures is looked at as ‘baby’,” remarks Deborah Rosenburg during her talk “Visual Narratives Dissected” at the Creativity, Play, and the Imagination across Disciplines conference at Teachers College. Rosenburg asks: “When did comics and graphic novels get such a bad …

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Creativity and Collaboration: Nick Sousanis on Comics and Classrooms  ☆

On Friday afternoon, comics artist and TC doctoral student, Nick Sousanis, stood in front of a room of educators, art-educators, and artists, and conducted a discussion of the aesthetic, philosophical, and pedagogical elements that go into creating his comics. His images reject simple illustration, instead searching for ways to “use visual metaphor in a narrative …

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