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Thinking Through Drawing Symposium: Practice Into Knowledge  ☆

In a weekend that brought together leaders in such diverse fields as medicine, architecture, textile design and cognitive science and gave them a commonality, the Art and Art Education Department’s recent Thinking Through Drawing Symposium was a ground-breaking event and the first of its kind in the nation.  “This has been a long time coming,” …

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Spotlight on Art and Art Education Student Nishan Patel  ☆

Nishan is in his second year of a Master’s program in Art and Art Education. He received his BFA from Syracuse University in 2009 and is an educator, painter, and illustrator. He has published two children’s books, “Sammy’s New Home” and "Evelyn Sylvan and the Curse of the Magical Tree Stump".

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Noguchi and Drawing  ☆

If you are looking for something stimulating this weekend...

Reposted from Splitting Skulls. Written by Chris Moffett.

First off, if you haven't been to the Noguchi Museum, go. It's a sublime space to spend time with a sublime artist. (Weekdays you can have it almost all to yourself.) Second, go now. The current exhibit of animal drawings, is a rare glimpse into a different medium for the artist. Both their own, and …

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Barterin’ for Learnin’: The Trade School at The Whitney Museum 

One of our people, Chris Moffett, is involved in a really interesting project about art, movement, community building and new forms of education. And he'll be at the Whitney on March 25th!

Reposted from Splitting Skulls. Written by Chris Moffett.

Our class on Relational Drawing is all full up for this, but I highly encourage people to attend one of the other classes. The Trade School is well worth experiencing. We've enjoyed working with them a great deal. And if you are interested in hearing when we'll be offering Relational Drawing again, just get on …

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