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Spotlight On…Jihae Shin  ☆

Jihae Shin is a first year doctoral student in the Music Education Program eagerly taking on all of the opportunities that Teachers College offers.

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Spotlight On…Nate Olson  ☆

TC is nothing if not a hotbed of research, teaching, academic production and critique. Nate Olson, a Music Education doctoral student, has spent the last two years at TC eagerly soaking up as much of this as possible. Nate is particularly interested in multicultural and community music. He chose TC in part because the faculty …

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Spotlight On…Jose Sandin  ☆

An Interview with Music Education Doctoral Student Jose Sandin What made you choose TC? About three years ago, I met with Dr. Harold Abeles from the Music and Music Education program. We had a nice chat about the program, and our conversation congealed my interest for eventually pursuing studies in the field. Early last year, …

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