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Behind the Scenes of Online Teaching and Global Education 

Online education appear to be transforming the expectations of educators and can offer a richness to teacher education programs. We talk to three doctoral students from the Social Studies Education program who have served as Teaching Assistants for courses in the Global Competence Certificate to learn about the possibilities.

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“The Teacher and the World: A Study of Cosmopolitanism as Education” Philosophy and Education Professor David Hansen’s Book Debuts  ☆

A chance for students to experience a variety of perspectives that will help them examine philosophical questions and concepts, the Colloquium in Philosophy and Education meets about seven times each semester and welcomes notable scholars in the field from around the world to share their own point of view. November 17th’s session was a particularly …

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Globalization, Education, and Citizenship 

In 2009-2010 Teachers College held a year-long faculty seminar on globalization, education, and citizenship. The purpose of this seminar was to "examine in fresh terms the nexus of globalization, education, and citizenship." Participants from diverse backgrounds brought with them "different scholarly frameworks drawn from the social sciences and humanities." Professor William Gaudelli (Social Studies Education), Professor …

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