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History & Ed Brings Multiple Disciplines Together for “Classroom Wars” Book Talk 

Professor Ansley Erickson (left) and Professor Natalia Petrzela exchange a few quick words before beginning the lecture.   “Schools have been the ‘battleground’ around issues of diversity for as long as they’ve existed,” said Dr. Ansley Erickson, Assistant Professor of History and Education at Teachers College. “Exactly what question of diversity or what type of …

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Desegregation’s Other Story: Ansley Erickson 

TC Today's Spring/Summer 2015 issue features 10 faculty members and two innovators whose research looks beyond the traditional boundaries of specific disciplines.

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Class of 2015: Jennifer Ammenti Explores Teacher Identity Through a Historical Lens 

Jennifer Ammenti, who will graduate this spring with an Ed.M. in History and Education, sought out Teachers College in part because of her desire to learn about education through a historical lens. As a former elementary school teacher and school librarian, Ammenti loved teaching history, but as she puts it, wishes she could go back …

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Center on History and Education Teams with Schomburg for Roundtable 

This roundtable will explore the questions: Why have we traditionally looked to historical knowledge as a building block of democratic participation and a central component of what it means to be an American? How can history pedagogy be framed as a challenge to social and economic inequality? How do we reach young learners to appreciate …

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Teachers College Doctoral Student, Barry Goldenberg, inspires students with Youth Historians Program  ☆

If someone had asked Barry Goldenberg five years   ago if he would be in New York City pursuing a       PH.D in History of Education at Teachers College, he would have told him or her no way. “After undergrad, I didn’t know where I’d be,” said Goldenberg. “I never thought I’d continue …

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Charles Payne: Whatever Happened to the Negro Question? Educational Discourse and the Lost Question of Race  ☆

Students growing up in poverty show compromised academic performance by almost every conceivable metric. Poor children enter school behind their wealthier peers, and most never catch up. The situation can seem hopeless, and teachers may find themselves asking: Are there some students so debilitated by poverty that they simply can’t be helped by our current …

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Dr. Khalil Muhammad Visits TC  ☆

Citing Lewis Lapham’s claim in “Ignorance of Things Past” that Americans have “a wonderful talent for grand simplification,” Dr. Muhammad made an unimpeachable case for the significance of history, archival work, and the Schomburg center in undoing at least a century of historical oversimplification of the black experience in America, and the American experience writ …

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‘Spearheading Debate: Culture Wars & Uneasy Truces’, with Steven Dubin  ☆

"As South Africa's democracy matures, this book analyses the following questions: how does the state mediate between traditional tribal authority and constitutional law in matters such as initiation customs or the rights of women, children and gay people? "

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Paper Presentations at the 2013 Diversity in Research and Practice Conference  ☆

This past Friday and Saturday, April 19th and 20th, Teachers College held its 2013 Diversity in Research and Practice Conference (DiRP).

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Around Teachers College with Zechariah Chiang  ☆

Around Teachers College with Zechariah Chiang

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Viva Harlem U: Black and Puerto Rican Students and the Transformation of City College 

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From TC to Joe’s Pub: Music Ed Students Play the City  ☆

Since getting their undergraduate degrees at The New School, Christian Nourijanian and Dustin Kaufman have followed a similar trajectory in their career and educational paths.  Dustin recently graduated from Teachers College with a dual Master’s degree that pairs a jazz performance major from Manhattan School of Music (MSM) with a music education major from Teachers …

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Cancelled: “Ella Baker: Radical Educator with Harlem Roots” 

CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED Due to a severe winter storm in Chicago, Prof. Ransby was unable to make the trip to New York for this event. We are working now to reschedule and hope that you will join us at a later date this spring. Please join us for the first lecture of the Educating Harlem …

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Graduate Spotlight: Janice Marciano Nimetz, History and Education  ☆

Janice Marciano Nimetz graduated this May with her PhD in History and Education. Nimetz has taught piano at the Emma Willard School for several years and plans to continue teaching there. Nimetz, who has also studied Musicology, hopes to find more places of intersection for her two passions: music and history.

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Research Spotlight: History and Education’s Cassandra E. Virgin  ☆

This past fall, Cassandra Virgin traded in her finance career at Goldman Sachs for a spot in the History and Education Master’s program.

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Meet Barry – An Activist, Optimist, and Dreamer  ☆

Re-posted Teachers College Admissions Blog entry written by Barry Goldenberg, a 1st year student at Teachers College, pursuing a Master of Arts in History and Education. As I started reflecting on my first semester in the Big Apple and why I ultimately chose to attend Teachers College, over a range of other programs, I remembered …

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The Rhetoric of Choice: Segregation, Desegregation, and Charter Schools  ☆

Writing in the Fall 2011 issue of Dissent Magazine, History and Education Assistant Professor Ansley Erickson argues that a common thread links the current rhetoric of "school choice" and opposition to court-ordered busing for desegregation 40 years ago.

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Spotlight on Antonia Abram: Ph.D. Student and The Children’s Aid Society Arts Director  ☆

Antonia is a doctoral student in History and Education, and is the Arts Director for The Children’s Aid Society, one of the nation’s largest non-sectarian agencies, founded to serve New York City’s neediest children.

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Rethinking Race: Marybeth Gasman’s Colloquium  ☆

On November 2, Horace Mann 140 filled with students and faculty eager to hear Visiting Professor Marybeth Gasman’s colloquium, entitled Perceptions of Black College Presidents: Black College Presidents’ Perceptions of Self. Marybeth, an Associate Professor of Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania, captivated the audience with a rich historiography of the depiction of black …

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History of Education Society Annual Meeting 

Calling Fellow Graduate Students in Education, History, & related fields: Please join us for the History of Education Society annual meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 4-7, 2010 Highlights Include: * A special presentation by Bernard Bailyn, one of our nation's eminent historians, about his contributions to the history of education * Excellent training and networking …

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