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Student Spotlight: Jay Shuttleworth  ☆

Jay is a Social Studies and Education Ph.D. candidate. He consults with new teachers in the South Bronx and recently began a two-year preceptorship in Columbia College’s Core Preceptor Program. Jay was a History major at the University of California Davis and received his Master’s degree from TC in the Teaching of Social Studies. He …

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INSTEP Art: Delving Deeper and Making Connections  ☆

This summer, students in the INSTEP Art program had the opportunity to participate in an inventive workshop with Maine-based artist Lissa Hunter. With numerous residencies, exhibitions, fellowships, and awards on her resume, Hunter brought a wealth of experience and creativity with her to the workshop. Her own work, which includes drawing, basket making, and a …

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INSTEP Music: Delving Deeper and Making Connections  ☆

Jihae Shin, a doctoral student in Music Education, is in her second year as the INSTEP Music coordinator. A cello player, Ms. Shin has taught string music at public middle and high schools in the USA and Korea. She enjoys interacting with the INSTEP students in a unique capacity. Not only does she take on …

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INSTEP Social Studies: Delving Deeper and Making Connections 

Ashley Taylor, a doctoral student in Social Studies Education, is finishing her third year as that department’s INSTEP coordinator. This means that, because the program runs for three summer sessions, she will be moving on just as her first group of students graduates from the program.

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