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Alumna Spotlight: Johari Murray’s Not a Language School 

Originally from New York, Johari is an all-terrain language teacher with her MA '02 from Teachers College in Deaf and Bilingual Education. She has taught English and Spanish from k-12 and on the university level. With her background spanning private and public schools as well as urban and rural communities, she has reached a childhood …

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Teaching the Teachers: A profile on Music Ed’s Student Teaching Supervisors  ☆

Students in their second year of the Music Education program have a lot on their plate, the least of which are their student teaching placements in both an elementary and secondary setting. However, help comes in the form of a team of instructors and supervisors whose goal it is to guide them through the process. …

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INSTEP Music: Delving Deeper and Making Connections  ☆

Jihae Shin, a doctoral student in Music Education, is in her second year as the INSTEP Music coordinator. A cello player, Ms. Shin has taught string music at public middle and high schools in the USA and Korea. She enjoys interacting with the INSTEP students in a unique capacity. Not only does she take on …

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