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Book Talk: Fires in the Mind with Kathleen Cushman 

Wednesday, April 20th Kathleen Cushman, an independent journalist, author, and editor, discusses her latest book with youth Fires in the Mind: What Kids Can Tell Us About Motivation and Mastery (Jossey-Bass, 2010). Cushman's research connects young people's experiences and perspectives with the recent cognitive research on motivation, deliberate practice, and high performance. Drawing on the …

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Socratic Conversation: Creativity, Imagination & Innovation 

In preparation for the Department of Arts and Humanities Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Symposium on April 28th and 29th, the Gottesman Libraries is hosting a series of creativity events and offerings. Among them, is the Socratic Conversation: Creativity, Imagination & Innovation, happening April 21st from 4-5pm in the Gottesman Libraries second floor Salon area.

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