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‘Spearheading Debate: Culture Wars & Uneasy Truces’, with Steven Dubin  ☆

"As South Africa's democracy matures, this book analyses the following questions: how does the state mediate between traditional tribal authority and constitutional law in matters such as initiation customs or the rights of women, children and gay people? "

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Paper Presentations at the 2013 Diversity in Research and Practice Conference  ☆

This past Friday and Saturday, April 19th and 20th, Teachers College held its 2013 Diversity in Research and Practice Conference (DiRP).

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Around Teachers College with Zechariah Chiang  ☆

Around Teachers College with Zechariah Chiang

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Educating Harlem, Histories of Learning and Schooling in an American Community  ☆

The Department of Arts and Humanities would like to invite you To a Public Lecture by Dr. Khalil Muhammad, the Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Grand Simplification: Historical Illiteracy in the Age of Mass Incarceration Wednesday, April 24th Lecture: 4-6pm in Room 179 Grace Dodge Hall Reception immediately following in …

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Viva Harlem U: Black and Puerto Rican Students and the Transformation of City College 

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The Development of Orchestrated Collisions: A Summer at Signature Theatre Company  ☆

By Erin Moore M.A. Candidate, Arts Administration At most theatres, it would be unusual and thrilling to see the playwright of a particular production lounging in the lobby most afternoons. It would be even more unusual to see two playwrights, both with current productions being mounted, happening upon each other in the lobby. This would …

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Graduate Spotlight: Guillermo Marini, Philosophy and Education  ☆

Guillermo Marini, a PhD graduate in the Philosophy and Education program, has been busy teaching Multidisciplinary Analysis of Education and Philosophy and Education in Chile at the School of Education of the Universidad Catolica de Chile, where he plans to continue working post-graduation.

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PLATO to Host Inaugural Institute at Teachers College, June 28-29 

PLATO (Philosophical Learning and Teaching) was launched in 2010 by the Committee for Pre-College Instruction of Philosophy (CPIP) of the American Philosophical Association (APA) with the founding goal of creating and connecting the growing network of practitioners and scholars who are engaged in pre-college instruction of Philosophy. This June 28-29 will mark PLATO’s first Institute, …

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Arts and Humanities Students: “Most Likely to Succeed at Changing the World”  ☆

“When I really want to kvell about Teachers College, I talk about our students,” says Susan Fuhrman in President’s Letter of the Spring 2011 issue of TC Today.  Her comments kick off a special issue dedicated to student profiles, which once read, easily prove Fuhrman’s assertion that TC students are special both for their desire …

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Being an Outreach Fellow 

The topic of teaching and learning is no less difficult when it comes to philosophy. And we ‘volunteers’ (a felicitous title!) at the Philosophy Outreach ponder these questions with the effect of, well, leading to further puzzlement. Recall that Socrates, too, expresses doubt about whether virtue could be taught—though interestingly he does not express a …

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The Philosophy Outreach Program: One Year Later, Many Steps Ahead 

It has been a year since The Gazette last checked in with the Philosophy Outreach Program, a trailblazing project designed to engage high school students in philosophical discourse. Much has transpired in the past twelve months; Fueled by a second Squire Foundation grant, support from the Office of the Provost, the Department of Arts …

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Third Annual Student Outreach Showcase 

The third annual Student Outreach Showcase was an opportunity for TC students to exhibit the work that they have done in New York schools and the surrounding community. Held on Thursday, May 6, 2010, this year's Student Outreach Showcase consisted of Teachers College students and affiliates from more than twenty organizations.

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Helping Students Explore the Big Questions of Life and Self: the Philosophy Outreach Program 

The Philosophy Outreach Program is an after-school project designed to engage high school students in philosophical discourse. A collaboration between the Philosophy and Education Program at TC and the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University, the Program involves eight neighboring high schools and forty high school students. The Outreach Program’s teachers visit the schools in …

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