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Spotlight on Alumna Ariana Stokas: Arts Educator  ☆

Ariana Stokas is the Assistant Dean of the College for Equity Initiatives, the Director of Bard Educational Opportunity Program and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Bard College.  She holds an MA (Math Sciences and Computing) and a PhD (Philosophy and Education) from Teachers College.   Stokas is an advisory board member on Learning Through …

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Aesthetics in the Classroom: PLATO Institute Session 

On June 28 and 29, TC hosted the first-ever PLATO Institute where 70+ scholars and practitioners from across the country and around the world (Turkey and Chile were both represented) gathered for a series of sessions focused on the pre-college instruction of Philosophy. The event was networking nirvana:  trailblazers in the field attended, with the …

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PLATO to Host Inaugural Institute at Teachers College, June 28-29 

PLATO (Philosophical Learning and Teaching) was launched in 2010 by the Committee for Pre-College Instruction of Philosophy (CPIP) of the American Philosophical Association (APA) with the founding goal of creating and connecting the growing network of practitioners and scholars who are engaged in pre-college instruction of Philosophy. This June 28-29 will mark PLATO’s first Institute, …

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Mediated Earth: Footprints & Shoemaking 

Reposted from Splitting Skulls. Written by Chris Moffett.

You are as quick as a spartan hound to pick up the tracks of the argument... —Plato, Parmenides 128b-c The question of footprints, of the traces we leave in our contact with the world, is one that runs through the history of philosophy of education. How do we know where we have been? And what …

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