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Professor Megan Laverty to speak at Moral Philosophy Conference in Australia 

Megan Laverty, Associate Professor in the Philosophy and Education Program, has been invited to join other moral philosophers from around to world to participate in the "Moral Philosophy and its Discontents: New Perspectives on Ethical Thought" conference at Flinders University in Australia.

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The Colloquium in Philosophy and Education  ☆

A long-standing element of its academic program, the Colloquium in Philosophy and Education is rooted in the centuries-old tradition of Philosophy as an academic discipline.  The Colloquium represents a chance for students to experience a variety of perspectives that will help them examine such questions and concepts as “what is justice?” or “what does it …

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Spotlight on Student Givanni Ildefonso: Teaching Philosophy Plus the Core Canon  ☆

Givanni is a Philosophy and Education Ph.D. candidate and recently began a two-year preceptorship in Columbia College’s Core Preceptor Program. A native of Puerto Rico, she has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s in Philosophy from Columbia University. Givanni was a seventh, eight and ninth grade classroom …

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