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Inspiring Teachers – Publishing Students: SPI Summer Institute  ☆

July 11-14, TC will host the Student Press Initiative (SPI) Summer Institute, where educators of all disciplines will gather to learn about teaching writing, project-based curriculum, and the process of publishing student work.

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Student Blogging in Arts & Humanities 

Do you have something to say? Do you want to be part of a growing and vibrant conversation here at TC and on the Web? Interested in getting practice publishing to the world-wide-web, and developing a body of work to show to others? Welcome to Pressible! Pressible is a super easy to use blogging platform …

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Ecogradients is a small, online publication venture dedicated to facilitating a collaborative exploration of disciplinary boundaries, patterns of cultural (re)production, and interrelational architectures, crossing subject matters, methods of inquiry, styles of (re)presentation, and spatio-temporal scales. By collapsing and compounding traditional objects, techniques and media, we intend to allow new discursive possibilities to emerge …

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