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‘Spearheading Debate: Culture Wars & Uneasy Truces’, with Steven Dubin  ☆

"As South Africa's democracy matures, this book analyses the following questions: how does the state mediate between traditional tribal authority and constitutional law in matters such as initiation customs or the rights of women, children and gay people? "

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Unlocking the Mysteries of a Photographic Archive  ☆

Dr. Steven Dubin’s interest in South Africa began in 2000 when he visited the country on the way to delivering a paper at a conference in Namibia and discovered that everything he was studying in America was happening in South Africa as well, with incredible urgency. On his latest annual research trip to South Africa, …

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Steven Dubin: A Busy Summer of Arts  ☆

Some people make regular trips to New York City every year. Others go camping or to popular tourist locations. Steven Dubin, Professor of Arts Administration, makes annual trips to South Africa, where he spent ten weeks this past summer.

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