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Conversations from the Classroom: Revisiting Marisa Militello’s student teaching experience 

In the fall, we looked at TESOL student Marisa Militello’s experience as a student teacher in an elementary ESL classroom. Now in her final semester at TC, Ms. Militello has been student teaching at the secondary level.

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Conversations From the Classroom: Monica Carvalho reflects on her journey to become a teacher 

Now in her last semester of the Teaching of English MA program at Teachers College, Carvalho is student teaching at the Beacon School, a public high school on Manhattan’s upper west side. Because of the school’s reputation for having a high quality academic program (to get in, students must go through a rigorous application process …

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Conversations From the Classroom: English Education student teacher Rachel Stern shares her story  ☆

For Rachel Stern, teaching is both exhilarating and challenging, but she didn’t find this calling overnight. Having studied English at the University of Michigan, she then moved to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing a career writing for film and television. Disillusionment soon followed, however, when she found screenwriting in the entertainment industry to be …

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