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Graduate Spotlight: Marisa Gallin, English and English Education  ☆

Marisa Gallin, a recent English and English Education MA graduate, had practiced law for three years before deciding to teach English. She was drawn to the English and English Education program at Teachers College based on its student-centered approach to teaching, focus on literature and writing, and its progressive nature.

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Spotlight on Alumna Paige Conn: “I Allow My Passion To Be Incredibly Transparent”  ☆

Paige Conn is a ninth grade English teacher at The Young Women’s Leadership School in East Harlem and a James and Judith K. Dimon Fellow. She received her MA in English and Education in 2006, and recently returned to TC to present at the Student Press Initiative (SPI) Summer Institute, where she shared her classroom …

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Paige Conn and Mary Maddox, TC Alumnae and Dimon Fellows, Present “DIY SPI”  ☆

On July 11-14, TC hosted the Student Press Initiative (SPI) Summer Institute, where 75+ educators of all disciplines gathered to learn about teaching writing, project-based curriculum, and the process of publishing student work. The event program included a selection of presentations by in-service teachers who shared their own SPI experience, including clear direction and anecdotes …

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